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Image Guided Neuronavigation

In today's busy magnetic nerve stimulation labs efficient tools are needed for the application of magnetic stimulation and positioning of the TMS coils in order to reproduce effects. visor2 is a TMS neuro-navigation system for use in the research setting.

The visor2 navigation system provides a complete set of highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools for image-guided magnetic nerve stimulation in cognitive research. In combination with a magnetic stimulator it can be used to perform studies and reproduce them with the best efficiency possible.

Anatomical scans, functional information from MRI and EEG, EMG and results obtained from cognitive testing need to be promptly available when it comes to the stimulation of the relevant areas.

visor2 is available in three different configurations depending on your needs

  • visor2 QT - TMS neuronavigation system for routine use
  • visor2 LT - Complete system for navigated TMS research
  • visor2 XT - Advanced TMS neuronavigation system for TMS research with EMG and dual-coil tracking


  • Dual-coil navigation (available in XT version only)
  • Option to use different TMS stimulator and coil combinations
  • Auto-connection with camera and handling of tracker visibility status
  • Online motor mapping of up to 8 EMG channels
  • Simultaneous visualization of EMG and MRI
  • Targets for coil positioning based on MRI, EMG or coordinates (e.g. in Talairach coordinate frame)
  • Real-time visualization of induced electric field
  • Accuracy check during the session and upon completion
  • Variety of extensions available for extra functionality

Items marked with are investigational devices and for research use only. CAUTION - Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

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