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TMS Products

Magnetic stimulation induces a small transient electrical current in human tissue using a very strong magnetic field. The magnetic field is created by passing current through a coil held close to the area of the body to be stimulated. It is safe, comfortable, non-invasive and used widely in research and therapy.

TMS Applications

Neuronavigation Products

Neuronavigation allows for precise placement of a magnetic stimulating coil by utilizing a stereoscopic camera that monitors the location of both the coil and the site of stimulation. Coil placement is then guided using either MRI data or a standard coordinate system.

Neuronavigation Applications

tDCS Products

Transcranial electrical stimulation uses a constant, low current delivered to the area of interest via electrodes. Our devices give researchers access to more complex protocols such as alternating or random noise stimulation, delivering stimulation in an MRI scanner, or using multiple electrodes to better target a region of interest.

tDCS Applications

EEG Products

Jali Medical specializes in EEG systems that are compatible with electrical and magnetic stimulation. These robust systems are able to operate in high-noise environments and are available in a number of configurations depending upon your research needs.

EEG Applications

EMG Products

Electromyography involves recording the electrical activity of skeletal muscles. In conjunction with Transcranial Magnetic stimulation, EMG can be used to measure a motor-evoked potential. Jali Medical specializes in providing high-quality EMG systems that can tolerate high-noise environments.

EMG Applications

Robotic Brain Function Assessment Products

Robotic systems allow for the quantitative assessment of sensorimotor performance, neurologically based motor deficiencies, and brain function deficits. By putting cutting-edge robotics technology into the hands of neuroscientists and clinician-scientists around the world, we give our customers a "window" on brain function that is objective and quantitative – allowing them to study, with exquisite precision, the sensory, motor and cognitive impact of a wide range of brain injuries and diseases, such as stroke, cardiac arrest, transient ischemic attach, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

Robotic Brain Function Assessment Apps

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Established in 1991, Jali Medical is a company at the cutting edge of the emerging field of non-invasive brain stimulation. We are proud to be the US distributor for the best magnetic and electrical nerve stimulation equipment and accessories available.

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