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Delsys Trigno™ Wireless EMG System

Delsys Trigno

Advancing new research possibilities with Trigno™ wearable solutions

The Trigno™ Wireless EMG System* is a high-performing device designed to make EMG signal detection reliable and easy. Each EMG sensor has a built-in triaxial accelerometer, a transmission range of 40m and a rechargeable battery lasting a minimum of 7 hours. The system is capable of streaming data to EMGworks® Acquisition and Analysis software, and of generating 16 EMG and 48 accelerometer analog channels for integration with motion capture and other 3rd party data acquisition systems. Full triggering features further expand the possibility for integration with additional measurement technologies.

This revolutionary hybrid EMG/ Movement sensor with motion artifact suppression (Patent Pending) provides an unprecedented combination of data in a reliable manner. Its design delivers the unchallenged high-quality performance expected from Delsys products. Now you may have freedom of movement and freedom from recording noise sources in one.

Delsys is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a broad portfolio of high performance Electromyography instruments, range of physiological and biomechanical sensors used in virtually all types of movement measurement studies in research and education.

Delsys Trigno™ Wireless EMG System Receivers


  • Patented Parallel-Bar technology guarantees high fidelity signals
  • Multi-function design embeds Triaxial Accelerometry in each sensor
  • 16 EMG channels, 48 accelerometer channels
  • Patent Pending Motion Artifact Suppression
  • Selectable ±1.5g, ±4g, ±6g & ±9g quad range
  • 64 Ch. of Real-time Analog Output for Motion Capture integration
  • Guaranteed performance to 40m
  • 37mm x 26mm x 15mm
  • 8 hours of operation in full transmission mode
  • 2-hour recharge time
  • 16-bit resolution, 2000 Hz sampling rate
  • Compatible with EMGworks® software
  • USB Connection to PC (laptop or desktop)
  • <500us inter-sensor latency
  • Real-time feedback of signal strength & battery status


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