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EMCI Galileo Tactile Stimulus System

Galileo Tactile Stimulus System

First and only pneumatic tactile stimulus system

The Galileo™ is an 8-channel, pneumatic evoked response tactile stimulator that is used to activate populations of low-threshold, rapidly conducting mechanoreceptive afferents in soft tissues overlying joints and muscles. Stimulus response is ideally suited for two of the most skilled sensorimotor systems of the human body; the hand (manipulation) and orofacial (speech) systems.

The Galileo Tactile Stimulus System* is the world's first and only pneumatic tactile stimulus system designed to work within an fMRI, MEG, or PET imaging environment. The stimulus nodes and tubing are urethane and silicon and the stimulus medium is punctate air blasts, meaning there is no magnetic, electrical, or auditory interference. The included software allows flexible control of pulse timing, sequencing, frequency, randomization and data output.

This 8-channel, pneumatic tactile stimulator is used to activate populations of low-threshold, rapidly conducting mechanoreceptive afferents in soft tissues overlying joints and muscles in the sensorimotor systems of the body. The stimulus uses patterned, programmable sequences of air square waves with fast rising times (12ms), making them an ideal tool for mapping human and animal somatosensory systems using behavioral measures and functional neuroimaging techniques.

The Galileo™ has been designed with the researcher in mind. The software and hardware controls allow complete customization of pneumatic frequency, pulse trains and patterns, and wave height. The tuning feature allows you to read the waveform directly from one of the nodes (of your choice) and tweak the wave in the software. The software also includes counterbalanced and random modes, making it perfect for research studies.


Power Consumption120VAC 6A nominal
120VAC 7.5A max
Optional 220VAC 50Hz
Operating Temperature50° - 122° F (10° - 50° C)
Dimensions20" x 20" x 20"
50cm x 50cm x 50cm
Weight38lbs (17.2kg)
Pressure Output Range-200 to 200 cmH20
Hardware Controls Vacuum Pressure Regulator (manual knob)
Pressure Regulator (manual knob)
BNC TTL output - 1 input and one output per channel
Computer RequirementsPC running Windows® XP, 7, or 8 with one open USB 2.0 port
Useable EnvironmentsfMRI, MEG, PET, EIT, EEG, CT
Galileo Tactile Stimulus System Panel

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