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Magstim Air Film Coil

Magstim Air Film Coil
Magstim Air Film Coil
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Built-in, active cooling technology for longer duration stimulation protocols

The Magstim Air Film Coil is the first of a new generation of stimulating coils which allow users to stimulate for extended periods of time.

The 70mm Double Air Film Coil has been created to work in combination with Magstim Rapid2 stimulators, allowing users to utilize the full capabilities of the range, from low frequency long running protocols to multiple high frequency bursts.

Using managed ambient air flow and integrated temperature-regulated fan technology, the Air Film Coil is cooled without the need for an external cooling supply or water reservoir. This allows the delivery of 3,000 pulses per session**.

The Air Film Coil can be used with its very own highly flexible and ergonomically designed positioning arm that facilitates extended periods of stimulation. Fully articulated, with friction joints, the Air Film Coil arm makes handling and positioning both simple and precise.

For research purposes, a placebo derivative of the coil is available, to simulate the effects of active stimulation. The Air Film Placebo Coil looks, sounds and feels the same as a live coil both to the subject and operator, but does not deliver active stimulation of deep nerves.

The Air Film Coil is an ideal coil to complement the performance capabilities of The Rapid2 magnetic stimulators in many applications.

**Starting temperature of 22˚C, power level up to 75%

Technical Specifications

COILD70 Air Film Coil (Active)
Average Inductance12μH
Average Coil Diameter2 x (3 x Ø92MM)
Number of Windings19
CSA3.5mm x 1mm
Coil Cable Length2.5m
Approximate Weight3kg
Peak Magnetic FieldMagstim Rapid²0.8T
Number of PulsesMagstim Rapid²3000

Illustrative example of stimulating field intensity

Magstim Air Film Coil e-field

Items marked with are investigational devices and for research use only. CAUTION - Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

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