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Magstim Alpha Branding Iron Range (Coated)

Magstim D70 Alpha Branding Iron Coil (Coated)
D70 Top View
D70 Full View
D60 Side View
D50 Side View
D50 Side View with Cable
Range of Alpha Branding Iron Coils

A versatile range of coils, allowing simultaneous stimulation of two centres of the brain

The Magstim Alpha Branding Iron range* (coated) is a versatile solution for various TMS applications, available in 40/50/60/70mm variants. The variety of sizes available allows for simultaneous stimulation of multiple locations.

A low-profile coated housing keeps the coil positioned near the site of stimulation.

The ergonomic design of the coil range provides greater comfort in positioning, allowing users to maintain the coil’s position for longer periods without suffering fatigue. Compatible with the full range of Magstim stimulators, the coils provide a versatile solution for researchers.

Technical Specifications

COILD70 Branding Iron
Average Inductance16μH
Average Coil Diameter2 x Ø90MM
Number of Windings10
Coil Cable Length1.8-2cm
Approximate Weight1.75kg
Peak Magnetic FieldMagstim 200²>=1.55T
Magstim Rapid²>=0.92T
Number of PulsesMagstim 200²>200
Magstim Rapid²>250

Illustrative example of stimulating field intensity

D70 Branding Iron e-field

Items marked with are investigational devices and for research use only. CAUTION - Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

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