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Magstim Single 90mm Coil

Magstim Single 90mm Coil
Right View
Left View

A circular, double sided coil, providing alternate current flow directions

This coil contains a single 90mm circular winding, encased within the coil head. The coil can be used on both sides, which allows the current direction to be changed, when required, by rotating the coil 180 degrees. The ergonomic design of the coil allows for optimal user comfort throughout application.

The single 90mm Coils have their faces labeled A and B respectively. With Side A visible and Side B facing the area to be stimulated, the coil current flows in an anticlockwise direction and the induced tissue current flows in the clockwise direction.

If the coil head is reversed, so are the induced current directions. The dark blue arrows fitted to the faces of the stimulating coils represent the direction of the coil discharge current. With the circular coil, stimulation takes place under the winding and not the coil center. The magnetic field produced is broad, allowing stimulation of relatively large areas.

Technical Specifications

COIL90mm Standard Coil
Average Inductance23.47μH
Average Coil DiameterØ96.5MM
Number of Windings14
CSA6mm x 1.75mm
Coil Cable Length1.7m
Approximate Weight1.8kg
Peak Magnetic FieldMagstim Rapid²0.8T
Number of PulsesMagstim Rapid²3000

Illustrative example of stimulating field intensity

90mm Standard Coil e-field

Items marked with are investigational devices and for research use only. CAUTION - Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

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