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Magstim Single 90mm Remote Control Coil

Magstim Single 90mm Remote Control Coil
Side View
Top View

Circular, double-sided coil with remote power adjustment and triggering functionality

This coil has a single, 90mm circular winding in the coil head. The coil can be used on either side which allows the current direction to be changed when required by flipping the coil. Remote control functionality allows power to be armed, triggered and disarmed.

The remote control functionality allows for triggering without the need to be in close proximity to the stimulator. When used with the 2002 or BiStim2, power levels can also be adjusted remotely.

The 90mm Remote Control Coils have their faces labeled A and B respectively. With Side A visible and Side B facing the area to be stimulated, the coil current flows in an anticlockwise direction and the induced tissue current flows in the clockwise direction. If the coil head is reversed, so are the induced current directions. With the circular coil, stimulation takes place under the winding and not the coil center. The magnetic field produced is broad, allowing stimulation of relatively large areas.

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