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Mega Electronics Biomonitor ME6000

Mega Electronics Biomonitor ME6000 Portable

Telemetry and data logger

The Biomonitor ME6000 is a portable telemetry and data logger designed to meet the most demanding needs in measurement and monitoring of electromyography (EMG) and other physiological signals up to 16 channels simultaneously. This ambulatory unit includes the unique features of a pocket-size data logger and wireless online telemetry in a single compact unit. The ME6000 system can be combined with either an electrical or magnetic stimulator to collect and analyze data synchronized with the included MegaWin software.

Mega Electronics Biomonitor ME6000

Advanced analyzing with MegaWin software

ME6000 comes with versatile MegaWin software which offers easy-to-use data acquisition software platform with a full range of features:

  • Combining the ME6000 system with either an electrical or magnetic stimulator provides the ability to measure MEPs, SEP, NCV, H-reflex, F-wave, and Latency times
  • Personal data management and database
  • Easy-to-use graphical configuration system setup for different signals
  • Protocol wizard for multiple applications
  • Multiple real-time features for raw and averaged signal, visual and auditory biofeedback, FFT-spectrums etc.
  • Optional complete body 3D muscle/nerve maps
  • Versatile and automated reporting

New protocols can be created easily and quickly with step by step progressing wizard. Software includes anatomical muscle maps with electrode placement pictures of each muscle.

MegaWin data can be exported as binary, ASCII and EDF files as well as in Matlab-format for further analysis. C3D-format allows input of MegaWin data into motion analysis systems. Data export enables flexible and effective data analysis and measurements by using several computers.

Technical Specifications

Resolution14 bits
CMRRTyp. 110 dB
EMG typeRaw / Averaged / True-RMS / Integrated
Sampling rate100/200/1000/2000/5000/10000 Hz / Channel
EMG frequency band15 – 500 Hz
Data transferUSB, WLAN
MemoryCF card 1GB standard (optional up to 2GB)
Power4 x 1,5 V (AA/LR6 type) batteries or rechargeable batteries
Size181 x 85 x 35 mm
TriggersIsolated triggers in/out
ElectrodesSurface, needle, fine wire
Mega Electronics Biomonitor ME6000 Software


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