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neuroConn NEURO PRAX MR system

Bio- and Neurofeedback System

The full-band NEURO PRAX® EEG* offers a TMS- and tDCS-compatible direct current EEG system to measure physiological signals such as EEG, EMG and EP in the frequency range of 0 to 1,200 Hz simultaneously and synchronously for all channels. The unique amplifier technology captures EEG activities from infraslow (0 – 0.3 Hz) to ultrafast (80 – 1,200 Hz) frequencies.

The high-performance full-band DC amplifiers can be configured with 32, 64 or 128 channels. The neuroConn software, specially tailored to the hardware, is intuitive, flexible and easy to use. There are a large number of software and hardware modules available, such as online correction of artifacts caused by muscle and eye movements, topographical analyses, spectral and amplitude mapping as well as online averaging.

The NEURO PRAX® EEG* incorporates all the elements of a conventional EEG-/EP device and can be extended to become a complete system:

  • for biofeedback and for neurofeedback of the slow cortical potentials (SCPs) and frequencies
  • for measurements during magnetic resonance imaging (f)MRI
  • for measurements during simultaneous transcranial electrial stimulation with direct current (tDCS), alternating current (tACS) and random noise current (tRNS)
  • for measuremtents during simultaneous transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)


  • Multi-modality recording with easy and straight-forward user interface
  • Records highest-quality signal, even with TMS, tDCS and fMRI in non-shielded rooms
  • Available from 32 to 256 channels, the portable system fits in a briefcase-sized carrying case
  • 8 extra inputs on amps: 4 bipolar - EMG, EOG, EKG and 4 auxiliary input for GSR, nasal flow, pH sensor, temperature
  • Industry-leading input impedance (10^12 Ohm) and 24 bit resolution
  • Trigger input: 8-bits, TTL
  • Noise < 1.0 microVrms (at lowest sample rate) • CMRR > 90 dB
  • asalab is a TMS-compatible EEG system. MEG-compatible upgrade available
  • Options for high-density EMG grids, NIRS- , eye tracking- , and video-integration
  • Real-time data processing options

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