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Rogue Research Brainsight2

Rogue Research Brainsight2 with Polaris Vicra camera on stand
Brainsight2 Tracker
Brainsight2 with Magstim TMS alpha coil
Rogue Research Brainsight2 Neuronavigation
Brainsight2 Interface Box for computer, camera, and MEP Pod

The standard in TMS neuronavigation for scientific research

With hundreds of clients, Rogue Research applies 15 years of customer feedback to continue to deliver a simple to use yet powerful Image-guided TMS system, the Brainsight2.

Most significant features

  • TMS Session Tools

    Performing the TMS session is easier than ever.

    The new display configuration tools allow you to set up the screen any way you like. Use the pre-defined layout or change it to suit your preferences.

    Use the same project file for multiple TMS sessions. All data acquired for each session is tagged to the session, so you can review individual sessions or combine them later for group analysis.

    If you are using our mobile computer workstation and a supported TMS device, you can automatically record the settings of the TMS device for each pulse.

  • Intuitive Workflow Based User Interface

    The typical steps in setting up a project are laid out along the top of the main window. Setting up from loading images to performing TMS can be done in as little as a few minutes.

  • Multiple Image File Formats

    In addition to DICOM, MINC and Analyze, Brainsight 2 supports PAR/REC, NIfTI and BrainVoyager™ VMR and VMP.

  • Improved MNI/Talairach Space Support

    Use the manual tool or import a matrix from MINC tools or SPM.

  • Multiple Overlays

    Load multiple overlays. Overlays need not be re-sampled if the registration matrix is available in the image headers, or if the matrix can be entered manually.

  • Region Paint Tool

    Paint a region for use in the 3D reconstruction module, or simply to highlight a structure.

  • Automatic Curvilinear Reconstruction

    Set the desired stop depth and step size and let us do the rest. Reconstruct the whole brain or just a hemisphere. For other structures, use the region paint tool to delineate the structure (e.g. Cerebellum) and we can use that to generate the curvilinear.

  • Better Targetting

    Drop markers or trajectories anywhere based on anatomy, functional peaks or using MNI or Talairach coordinates. Tweak approach angles or planed coil orientation easily with the built-in controls. Easily create and manipulate square or round grids and place them on the scalp or the cortex

  • Built-in EMG for MEP

    Using our optional computer cart with built-in 2-channel EMG device, you can automatically record MEP responses during your TMS experiment.

Rogue Research Brainsight2

Subject Chair

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest design of subject chair and coil holder. Our new chair offers greater simplicity while providing even more comfort and flexibility for your needs.

The subject chair is height adjustable, swivels and reclines. The leg supports are retractable so you can have the subject comfortably supine or upright. In the upright position, use the chin rest and forehead rest to keep the subject’s head still. The chair can accommodate 2 arms to hold 2 TMS coils at the same time for bi-lateral stimulation.

The armrests are retractable for easy access where mobility may be restricted.

We re-thought the entire coil support. The goal is to provide a more intuitive arm to move the key articulations as close to the coil as possible. With the new setup, it is much easier to get the coil over the target. The new coil mounts include the coil tracker mount so the tracker is kept away from the arm.


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