ANT Neuro eego*

Portable, battery-powered eegoTM mylab

ANT Neuro specializes in being a single-source provider of high-performance products within neuroscience research. Their line of stimulation-compatible EEG systems provides a range of solutions depending upon your research needs. Ultra-high sampling rates, configurable numbers of channels, and active shielded electrodes provide high quality recordings even in high-noise environments.

The portable, battery-powered eego mylab product family is available in 4 versions for recordings from 32 to 256 EEG channels. The cascaded 128- and 256-channel versions offer users a unique benefit; the high-density EEG stations can be split into separate (mobile) 64-channel EEG systems for individual use or group studies.


  • Multi-modality recording with easy and straight-forward user interface

  • Records highest-quality signal, even with TMS, tDCS and fMRI in non-shielded rooms

  • Available from 32 to 256 channels, the portable system fits in a briefcase-sized carrying case

  • 6 additional inputs on amps: 2 bipolar - EMG, EOG, EKG and 4 auxiliary input for GSR, breathing, temperature, and acceleration

  • Ideal for hyperscanning protocols. Allows simultaneous recording of up to four participants' EEG into a single file

  • Industry-leading input impedance (10^12 Ohm) and 24 bit resolution

  • Trigger input: 7-bits, TTL

  • Noise < 1.0 microVrms (at lowest sample rate) • CMRR> 90 dB

  • Options for integration with fNIRS, eye tracking, tDCS, TMS, and other modalities

  • Real-time data processing options



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