Bittium manufactures the neurOne Tesla EEG, an advanced brain monitoring system that provides high-resolution data for neurological research and precise brain activity analysis.

Bittium Corporation is a renowned technology company based in Finland, celebrated for its expertise in advanced communication and connectivity solutions. With a strong commitment to innovation, Bittium develops cutting-edge products and services for various industries, including defense, healthcare, and public safety.

Revealing the Secrets of the Brain

Leveraging over 30 years of expertise in biosignal monitoring, Bittium has developed high-tech medical technology solutions that are at the forefront of neuroscientific research. The Bittium NeurOne Tesla EEG system stands out as one of the quickest and most accurate electroencephalography (EEG) measuring devices in the world, designed for both clinical and research use.

Bittium's cutting-edge EEG devices and software are known for their high quality, durability, and ease of operation, meeting the most demanding needs of researchers and clinicians. The superior performance of Bittium's EEG systems is evidenced by their involvement in more than 100 scientific publications. By integrating technological excellence with scientific research, Bittium Corporation continues to lead the way in enhancing human connectivity and understanding of the brain, solidifying its position as a global leader in advanced technology solutions.

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