Deymed DuoMAG XT*

Powerful and Flexible Magnetic Stimulator

The DuoMAG XT can be controlled via the coils, a PC or the DuoMAG touch-screen for ultimate ease-of-use. A major advantage of the DuoMAG family is the option to seamlessly integrate with other Deymed systems including the TruScan EEG and TruTrace EMG/MEP systems. This flexibility makes the DuoMAG unrivaled in its possibilities as it can be expanded and enhanced to add more options. The system is offered in multiple configurations, from Compact, Cart model and the innovative MagTower that is the first counter-weight balanced arm holder for TMS. The MagTower significantly reduces the difficulty of holding and positioning heavy magnetic coils.

  • Pulse mode: Biphasic, Biphasic Burst (e.g. theta burst)

  • DuoMAG XT-100 can reach 100Hz at 40% intensity and 50Hz (for theta burst stimulation) at up to 67% intensity

  • Modular expansion for paired pulse TMS, twin coil TMS and/or high power single pulse TMS through one coil

  • External communications via TTL in/out triggers and USB

  • System control and configuration via Windows based touch-screen

  • Controllable from an external device

  • Custom protocol editor and storage by way of built-in computer

  • Burst function fully configurable (iTBS, cTBS etc)

  • Compatible with a wide range of circular, focal figure-8 and cooled coils

Deymed Technological Advantages

Powerful System

Capable of intensive high frequency protocols for the most complex clinical, psychiatry and research use. DuoMAG XT-100 can reach 100 pps at 45% intensity.

Counter-balanced coil holder

MagTower cart with innovative counter-weight balanced positioning arm and auto-locking of position that greatly reduces the effort needed to find and fix the placement of Deymed coils.

Cooled coil

When used with cooled coil, even intense TBS protocols can be used all day without over-heating the coil due to the double air-cooled fans or liquid-based system and advanced coil design. Light and maintenance free design.

Multi-system integration

Integration of Deymed’s clinical EMG or EEG amplifiers, allowing multiple configurations of EMG / MEP or EEG signals to be displayed. Amplifiers especially designed to eliminate TMS stimulation artefacts.

Touch-Screen Interface

Combined with intuitive software assures ease of use. Touchscreen interface built on Windows, allowing tight integration of Brain navigation by thirdparties.

Custom protocol editor

Custom protocol editor allowing the saving of any conceivable design, including stimulation trains, Theta Burst Stimulation (iTBS-cTBS) and changing stimulation intensities.



The MagTower is an innovative counter-weight balanced coil-holder for TMS. This significantly lowers the weight of the coils for use in any scenario where the user doesn’t want to struggle with difficult coil positioning, especially when finding the motor threshold. Locking the position is easy with the click of a button. A touch-screen interface includes protocol design and control and MEP visualization with EMG module.


The MagCart configuration is an easy to move configuration that takes up minimal space. An articulating arm allows the coils to be quickly locked into place after positioning. A touchscreen is optional and may be added.


The DuoMAG XT can be put on a desktop or elsewhere in this compact space saving configuration.


Deymed XT-10 XT-35 XT-100
Pulse mode Biphasic, repetitive Biphasic, repetitive burst Biphasic, repetitive burst
Dimensions (W x H x D) 49 cm x 16 cm x 38 cm
Weight 17 kg 17.5 kg 17.5 kg
Max Repetition rate at 100% 5 Hz 13 Hz 22 Hz
Max Repetition rate at 50% 10 Hz 35 Hz 86 Hz
Max Repetition rate 10 Hz 35 Hz 100 Hz
Min Inter-train Interval 100 ms 29 ms 10 ms
Pulse width 290μs
Coil Compatibility Deymed Coils
Main Voltage 100-240Vac 50/60 Hz
Synchronisation TTL in/out and/or USB
Communication USB full control, control in coil


Items marked with* are investigational devices and for research use only. CAUTION - Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.