Advanced eye-tracking system
Ergoneers specializes in solutions for behavioral studies, offering advanced tools for eye tracking, data acquisition, and analysis to enhance research accuracy.

Ergoneers, based in Geretsried, Bavaria, Germany, is a leading company specializing in advanced solutions for behavioral research and human-machine interaction. Renowned for their innovative technologies, Ergoneers offers a comprehensive product portfolio that includes the acclaimed D-Lab software platform and their new Prophea.X software platform.

Prophea.X is designed to enhance data acquisition, analysis, and visualization, making it ideal for applications in psychology, ergonomics, and usability studies. Ergoneers also excels in the development of high-precision eye-tracking systems and driving simulators, which are widely used in automotive, aviation, and consumer research. These solutions are designed to deliver accurate and reliable data, enabling researchers and professionals to gain deeper insights into human behavior and cognitive processes.

With a strong commitment to excellence and innovation, Ergoneers continually invests in research and development. Their team of skilled engineers and scientists collaborates with academic institutions, industry partners, and research organizations to develop solutions for specific research needs.

By combining technological excellence with a deep understanding of human behavior, Ergoneers has established itself as a trusted leader in the global market for behavioral research and human-machine interaction solutions.

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