Jaltron Coils*

Jaltron LLC specializes in creating research, investigational and custom magnetic stimulation equipment and coils*; designs related equipment such as coil holding products including for use inside MRI scanners. various power drives are available for stimulating coils including sinusoidal and custom waveforms.

A selection of some of Jaltron designs are shown above for use in human subjects (investigational devices*), non-human subjects including in-vitro stimulation. Jaltron can produce stimulating coils that work with range of magnetic stimulators.

Circular 20cm Mats Coil

The circular 20cm coil is a large coil with good depth of stimulation for purposes such as motor-nerve-root stimulation in the lumbar and sacral regions. This type of design has been referred to as "magnetic augmented translumbosacral stimulation (MATS) coil"1. The coil may be used in the stimulation of neuroforamina in the measurement of cauda equina conduction time and cortico-conus motor-conduction time.

Winding size: Approximately 20cmm circular, 12mm high.

D40mm Cooled Primate Coil*

An air cooled figure of eight primate coil for applications requiring up to 900 stimuli per session.

D55mm MRI Coil*

Designed for lower stimulation noise, the MRI coil is capable of 1000 pulse sessions at 70% power level. Can be used inside or outside of the MRI scanner. Mean winding diameter 55mm.

Coil size: 187mm x 109mm x 29mm. Two windings. Each winding: 29mm inner diameter, 81mm outer diameter, 10mm high, approximately.

D50mm MRI Coil*

Compact sized MRI coil with a mean winding diameter of 50mm. It is easier to fit this coil in the MRI environment but, for the same stimulating power, this coil warms up faster than the D55mm MRI shown above.

Coil size: 157mm x 100mm x 29mm. Two windings. Each winding: 26mm inner diameter, 74mm outer diameter, 7mm high, approximately.

D37mm MRI Coil*

Smallest MRI figure of eight coil with a mean winding diameter of 37mm for use in non-human subjects.

Coil size: 119mm x 82mm x 29mm. Two windings. Each winding: 20mm inner diameter, 55mm outer diameter, 7mm high, approximately.

Angled D-Shaped Cooled Coil*

Intended for primate applications that include embedded electrodes as published by Mueller et al., 2014. The coil is designed with two separate coil housings held together via a bridge. This air cooled coil has a central gap of 15mm and has the ability to set current direction in each of the two windings.

Circular 40mm Coil*

Small 40mm mean diameter circular stimulating coil allows work in small spaces. If required two of these coils can be placed next to each other to stimulate two sites close to each other.

Coil size: 66mm wide, 72mm deep, 59mm tall. Winding details: 20mm inside diameter, 60mm outside diameter, 7mm high, approximately.

Items marked with* are investigational devices and for research use only. CAUTION - Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.