Our Neursantys Product

Neursantys' NEUROVESTA is an innovative bioelectronics platform under evaluation, designed to explore and potentially treat various neuromotor conditions.

Neursantys is pioneering the discovery and delivery of bioelectronic treatments using non-invasive devices to target neuromotor conditions with limited treatment options. Their initial focus is on age-related balance decline, leveraging advanced bioelectronic stimulation to offer faster, more localized treatments with fewer side effects compared to traditional pharmaceuticals.

They are also engaged in R&D collaborations to address conditions that accelerate neuromotor decline, such as multiple sclerosis, head impact injuries, and prolonged exposure to microgravity. Bioelectronic devices provide potential functional recovery for conditions lacking pharmaceutical options, without the need for invasive procedures.

Neursantys is dedicated to advancing bioelectronic medicine, improving the quality of life for individuals affected by neuromotor conditions.

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