Neursantys NEURVESTA*

NEURVESTA is an innovative bioelectronics platform currently under evaluation, designed to explore and potentially deliver treatments for various neuromotor conditions.
NEURVESTA is currently available for research studies and clinical pilots under IRB.

For age-related balance decline, Neursantys has developed a proprietary EVS treatment protocol that only requires three 20-minute sessions per week for 6 weeks to deliver large and persistent neuroplastic restoration of balance in populations from 50-90 years of age, with corresponding increases in ambulatory confidence and reductions in fall risk.

The ease-of use and wearable form factor allow NEURVESTA treatments to be administered by medical staff with minimal training, and eventually by patients themselves at home, to proactively restore disrupted neuromotor functions and to potentially slow the related cognitive decline.

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Unmet Clinical Need: Age-Related Balance Decline

  • The human balance system develops though complex neuroplastic learning processes that continue well into our teenage years, but begins to decline again after the age of 40.
  • Age-related balance impairments affect 35% of U.S. adults aged 40 years and older (60 million Americans), increasing to 85% of individuals aged 80 years and older.
    • Degrades quality of life and reduces ability to live independently.
    • Increases risk of fall-related injuries.
  • Economic burden in the U.S. includes
  • Current therapeutic options to restore disrupted balance are limited to experimental and high-risk vestibular implants.

Our Customers and Users

Neuromotor control researchers
Clinical neurologists
Senior living providers
Rehabilitation providers
Physical therapists
Space medicine researchers

Unmet Clinical Need: Age-Related Balance Decline

Our flagship product, NEURVESTA, is the first bioelectronics platform that enables discovery and delivery of treatments for multiple neuromotor conditions.

For age-related balance decline, the NEURVESTA device delivers very low-level non-invasive electrical stimulation of the vestibular system, also known as EVS, one of several safe and widely studied bioelectronic stimulation techniques with no adverse side effects.

Neursantys uses a proprietary bioelectronic treatment discovery technology to quantify impairments to all of the key components of the balance system and rapidly assess individual patient responses to a wide range of stimulation parameters in real time as the EVS is being applied.

This unique capability has allowed us to develop proprietary EVS waveforms that deliver large and persistent neuroplastic restoration of disrupted balance.

NEURVESTA is currently available for research studies and clinical pilots under IRB.

“The ease of use and wearable form factor of the Neursantys solution represent a significant innovation in elderly care, allowing restorative balance treatment to be delivered in any senior care location, including patients at home and in remote communities with limited healthcare access.“
– Kera Redlack, BN RN MHS, Vice President, United Active Living

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