Our Rogue Product

Manufactures the Brainsight® family of neuronavigation products
Rogue Research specializes in the Brainsight neuronavigation system, providing precise, real-time guidance for brain stimulation and imaging in neurological research.

Rogue Research, based in Canada and founded by Roch Comeau, is a leader in advanced neurotechnology solutions. The company's flagship product, Brainsight, combines brain stimulation and imaging to offer unparalleled precision for researchers and clinicians. This innovative tool is essential for detailed brain mapping and targeted interventions.

Rogue Research's commitment to excellence and continuous innovation drives their investment in research and development. Collaborating with academic institutions and research centers, they ensure Brainsight and other products meet the highest quality standards.

Under Roch Comeau's visionary leadership, Rogue Research is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and training to help users fully leverage their technologies. Through Brainsight, Rogue Research continues to make significant strides in advancing neurological research, solidifying its position as a key player in the field of neurotechnology.

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