bossdevice® RESEARCH*

brain oscillation state sensor device

bossdevice RESEARCH is a real-time digital signal processor consisting of hardware and software algorithms. It is designed to read-in a real-time raw data stream from a bio-signal amplifier (electroencephalography, EEG), to continuously analyze this data and to detect patterns based on oscillations in different frequencies. When such a specific bio-signal pattern is detected, the device indicates this through a standard output port. This enables a connected device to know with millisecond accuracy when a specific bio-signal pattern occurs.

Open Source Software

The bossdevice RESEARCH is programmable from MATLAB® and enables complex experiments to be fully automated. An open source application programming interface (API) is available that allows you to use the bossdevice RESEARCH for your purpose from MATLAB® Version 2021a. A license of MATLAB® Version 2021a with Simulink Real-Time Toolboxes, Simulink Coder and Simulink is required and usually available at academic institution as part of a site-license agreement with Mathworks.

Impact on Neuroscience

bossdevice® enables studying the transient large-scale dynamics of the human brain with easy-to-program real-time signal processing technology that reads a stream of EEG data and triggers stimulation during pre-defined oscillatory brain-states.

Future Goal

sync2brain believes that this technology will unlock the therapeutic potential of non-invasive brain stimulation.

Technical Specifications
Compatible EEGBittium NeurOne Tesla EEG System
Channels and sample rateup to 128 EEG channels, 8 AUX channels, 5 kHz sample rate
Spatial filtering2 simultaneous signals, fully flexible (e.g. left and right hemisphere)
Oscillatory statesOscillatory phase and amplitude (theta, alpha, and beta)
Outputs4x BNC (TTL), 1 marker output (LPT)
CertificationCE mark
Intended UseNot a medical device. For research use only. In studies with healthy participants only.

Items marked with* are investigational devices and for research use only. CAUTION - Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.