Tinnitus treatment, latest advances in cortical stimulation

Posted on: November 8, 2021

TMS has been used experimentally with positive results in the treatment of tinnitus, latest reports show better outcome using alpha, beta and theta frequencies with different impact on different groups of people, tailored therapies may require previous evaluation to define responders to a specific frequency. (Dirk De Ridder et al. Curr Top Behav Neurosci. 2021).

A combination of TMS and TDCs seems to potentiate the effects of the treatment as demonstrated by Bae on a single session: “dual-neuromodulation responders could consist of responders of frontal TDCs and temporal TMS” (Eun Bit Bae et al. Front Neurol. 2020).

Finding the right spot to stimulate seems still to be determined, some reports show results stimulating the auditory cortex at the tempo-parietal area, some authors report good results targeting the DLPF cortex, lots of exciting developments to come.

Our team devotes efforts to assist scientist and clinicians to develop this knowledge, we give technical support and consultation about specific combinations of systems (EEG-TMS, EEG-TDCs, TMS-Neuronavigation, etc.).

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