Ergoneers D-Lab Eye Tracking Software*

Software platform for capturing and analyzing human behavior

D-Lab is a powerful, all-purpose and adaptable software for synchronous data capture and analysis for user and behavioral studies. The flexible system allows for eye tracking, biometric sensors, video, network data, and more while providing ease of use and powerful tools for analysis.


  • D-Lab integrates data from different data sources

  • Data sources are frequency independent

  • All data sources are visualized in real time

  • Variety of data modules with specific analysis functions for each data source

  • Custom-configurable for a range of experiments


D-Lab Eye TrackingFor real-time visualization, data capture and automatic analysis of human gaze behavior. The software platform for eye tracking works with remote and wearable eye trackers.
AudioRecord up to 16 audio signals synchronously, with complete analysis by selective track replay. D-LAB Audio also supports commenting and retrospective think aloud operations.
VideoA module for video-based evaluation of subject behavior. D-LAB Video facilitates recordings of several video channels such as PAL cameras, DVI signals or full HD IP cameras with PTZ function, together with high precision qualitative and quantitative analysis methods.
D-Lab ConnectThis extremely flexible module enables recording of data from sensors, physio-recorders, computers or simulators with TCP/IP interface. In addition to a growing number of plug & play equipment from other vendors D-LAB Connect is compatible with the Ergoneers Android App for Smartphones "SensorConnect".

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