MAG & More PowerMAG EEG ppTMS*


Paired Pulse protocols usually require two stimulators connected to one coil. These systems are typically not capable of emitting repetitive protocols.

The PowerMAG EEG ppTMS* is a stand-alone rTMS device which can emit various ppTMS protocols and rTMS protocols within one rTMS machine by actively recharging between conditioning (S1) and test pulse (S2).


  • no second device or "option" needed thanks to MAG & More's ppTMS technology

  • Powerful rTMS and ppTMS with biphasic pulses in one device

  • Pulse pairs (ISI as low as 1 ms)

  • Adjustable pulse pairs in 0.1 ms steps (ISI)

  • Adjustable intensity of conditioning (S1) and test pulse (S2)

  • no decrease of pulse intensity during stimulation

  • 100% intensity up to 15 Hz

  • 70% intensity from 15 Hz to 100 Hz

  • Theta-Burst-Stimulation

  • High-speed sync out interface

  • Current direction in the coil invertible

Technical SpecificationsPowerMAG EEG ppTMS*
Maximal frequency in burst100 Hz
Minimal frequency0.1 Hz
Minimal ISI1 ms
ISI minimal change value0.1 ms
Frequency minimal change value0.1 Hz
Maximal frequency @ 100% intensity15 Hz
Maximal intensity100% (15 Hz), 70% (25 Hz)
Magnetic inductionup to 4 tesla (depending on coil)
Maximum pulse power160 Joule
Pulse shapesFull sine-wave
Current direction in the coilInvertible on the equipment
Rest time of the stimulation pulse40 µs (PA)
Pulse duration160 µs
Trigger inputBNC-connector (TTL pulse, active high)
Trigger outputBNC-connector (TTL pulse, active high)
External interface8 pole DIN connector (Single pulse, repetitive mode, TBS, ramp, custom stimulation protocols possible)
External ppTMS Serial ControlVia USB & PC-Interface (Matlab, Python, Presentation, ...)
Number of discharges @ 100% intensity2,000,000
Electrical safetyProtection class 1, Type BF
Hardware classification to MDD 93/42/EECClass IIa
Hardware certificationCE 0494
Power supply voltage100/110/120/220/230 V~, 50/60 Hz (PowerUnit possibly necessary)
Power consumption50 VA in standby mode, 800 VA nominal rating, 2000 VA
Operating Temperature0 °C to +40 °C
Dimensions490 x 260 x 600 mm (width, height, depth)
Weight38 kg

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