MAG&More PowerMAG View! Exchange*

In case you are already using a MR-based navigation system with a NDI Polaris camera but you are not satisfied with its quality or handling, PowerMAG View! exchange can be the right option for you.

PowerMAG View! exchange* upgrades your 3rd party Navigation System by using the existing NDI IR-camera, trackers, PC and Monitor.

Hardware Features
Trolley No
NDI camera No
Camera Mount No
PC and monitor No
2nd monitor No
Trigger box Yes
Controls Keyboard, Mouse and Foot switch
Warranty 24 month
Power supply voltage -
Operating temperature -
Dimensions (width, height, depth) -
Weight -
Software Features
Data import Individual MRI data
Data format DICOM, ANALYZE & Siemens, Philips
Work flow Wizard guided
Screen setup Individual colors and views
Display 3D view with sagittal/frontal/transversal slice view
Coordinates Talairach and AC/PC
Moving and turning Interactive and real time for head, brain and coil movements
Segmentation Automatic head and brain segmentation
Surface reconstruction Creation and display of multiple surfaces
Coregistration Integrated Points on MAG&More Coils* and Head Fiducials
Coil navigation Real-time record of coil position
Trigger Record of TTL signals
Targeting 6D-position of coil
Storage and recall 6D-position and coil model, in Talairach and AC/PC
Export Data and screen images

Items marked with* are investigational devices and for research use only. CAUTION - Investigational Device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.