Rogue Research cTMS*

New cTMS for Research

    Features of ElevateTMS

  • First new TMS design in years

  • Variable pulse shapes

  • Integrated EMG

  • Integrated output recording

  • Multiple general purpose triggers (4 in, 4 out), switch in, TTL out), External control via network

  • Optional current reversal module (~2 msec switching time)

    Pulse Waveform Capabilities

  • Directionality Control: Controls amplitude of the -ve phase relative to the +ve phase

  • Variable pulse widths up to 385 μSec (with optional high inductance coil)

  • Monophasic, Biphasic, polyphasic, Staircase, Asymmetric

  • Repetition rates up to 1 kHz

  • Unidirectional theta burst

  • Charging power: 2X 1500 Joules per second

    Thoughtful Coil Designs

  • Removable handles to suit every preference

  • Different inductances to extend cTMS pulse range

  • B-Field 3D mapped for use in E-field modelling research

  • Integrated coil tracker mount

  • More models to come (cooled coil, 50mm fig-8 etc.)

Pulse type
(positive PW, negative PW)
M-Ratio10 Hz25 Hz50 Hz100 Hz200 Hz400 Hz800 Hz1 kHzMaximum
Maximum Freq. (Hz)
at Max Output
Biphasic Train
60µs, 185µs.221008240199N/AN/AN/A10020
75µs, 22µs.25935527136N/AN/AN/A9315
Biphasic Train
(balanced pulse)
11µs, 54µs.761001001001001001006549100550
20µs, 78µs.13910010010010091431914100184
30µs, 105µs.162100100100914420N/AN/A10091
40µs, 131µs.182100100100542612N/AN/A10055
50µs, 158µs.198100100703416N/AN/AN/A10035
60µs, 185µs.216510097472310N/AN/AN/A10024
70µs, 212µs.2365976632167N/AN/AN/A2417
80µs, 238µs.2599785728136N/AN/AN/A8518
86µs, 255µs.275678472311N/AN/AN/AN/A7815
60µs, 100µs
60µs, 100µs


Rogue Research cTMS

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